About Us

Do you find yourself, like most Procurement or Engineering, with never enough time in the workday to complete your daily tasks finding yourself getting further behind every day?

We are not a sales organization under contract with manufacturers obligated to them to convince you to place purchase orders with them!

Our first obligation is to YOU the customer. We are manufacturers consultants with over 100 yrs combined experience in all facets of manufacturing and would like to work for YOU as your sourcing right hand assisting you in determining the correct manufacturing process and manufacturer that would be a perfect fit for your particular needs based on certain criteria.

1. Quality and certification requirements your company requests?

2. Yearly, monthly or weekly delivery requirements?

3. Type of material selected?

4. Tolerance level required? (Average to critical)

You may have components manufactured that a change in volume alone could lend itself to a different process and Cost reductions!

Let us serve You and lighten Your work load!

A seasoned consultant having relationships with dozens of regional and international suppliers, SMS offers customers the benefit of long-term relationships built on experience, trust and integrity. We know personally the strengths and niche capabilities of each manufacturer we represent, letting us effectively match your needs with qualified vendors. With years of experience on the shop floor, your SMS representative also understands the deadlines, budgets, and quality issues you face.

SMS puts you directly in touch with those suppliers best qualified to fulfill your exact requirements, eliminating the hassles of middlemen yet remaining a valuable liaison for correspondence, negotiations, and other personalized services. Because we’re independent, we put your interests first, ensuring that competition for your components business is conducted fairly, responsively, and only among vendors we’ve prequalified.

That’s why only vendors who continuously prove their merit earn a reference from SMS, joining an elite consortium of manufacturing sources recognized for excellence. Gain the advantage. Your orders can’t compromise an inch on quality, turnaround, or pricing. See how consulting first with SMS removes the risks of working with an unfamiliar supplier while adding the value of personal, hands-on service.

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