Quick Turn Low Volume

Jig – Fixture Tool & Die

Most machine shops today have 1 or possibly 2 class A machinists who are capable of machining a part start to finish and typically these craftsman are foreman or leadman directing the machine operators that do not have the years of experience to machine a part from start to finish. The company cannot afford to take this vitally important person directing the shop floor and have them running machinery leaving the shop floor with no direction.

We have a stable of companies large and small that have many highly trained machinists that specialize in tool & die and jig and fixture machining that also prefer low volume work! That is their business! That is a win for everyone!

  • Jig and Fixture (Machining, Inspection, and Assembly Fixtures)
  • Rapid-turn Prototype and Low Volume Machining
  • Tool and Die Machining
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